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  • Templating

    In pages and templates you can use embedded simple and powerful templating language - Liquor

  • Dynamic content

    Create dynamic content (like News, Blog and etc.) on-the-fly with ease and use it in your Pages and Templates

  • Built-in documentation/help

    Never go away from your website admin panel searching some docs - it's already built-in

No Git, no deploys

You can think of APIQ as Shopify but for any type of website!

So the whole idea is that you just create instance of APIQ and code entire website in its admin section. With possibility of on-the-fly models creation and powerful templating language you can forget about coding boilerplate Rails code. But anytime you need something custom, you always can do it and easily extend APIQ because it's still your app with plugged in APIQ engine.

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