It has been several weeks since Ruby on Rails 5.1 was released. As you know, the most interesting and noteworthy feature is probably Webpack integration. This looks like a significant change and I decided that it’s time to make a 1.0.0 release for APIQ.

Roadmap for this could look like this:

  • Ruby on Rails 5.1 support (and probably using webpack for assets management)
  • Better tests coverage
  • Smart template creation
  • Ability to edit 404 page
  • Removing less-rails (and therubyracer) dependency
  • Not more that 1 templatable page on 1 level (very old issue)
  • Pages drag’n’drop issue - it’s possible to drag and drop page to top level so it looks like root page

Several of these are already done but many are still to do. I’d appreciate any help and contributions.

Most of issues and changes are clear enough but I’d like to cover one of them in details.

Smart template creation

The main idea behind APIQ is developer’s productivity. Every change we ever made was about optimizing developer’s workflow of website creation and making it as convenient as possible (and also as quickly as possible bringing to reduced cost).

While developing several websites with APIQ, I’ve found myself repeating part when I insert asset_tag or asset_path in template for every asset used in this template (as described in docs). I’d like it to be automatic so I just put html into it and every <link rel="stylesheet" href=... </link> and <script src=...></script> will be replaced with asset_tag helper on template creation. In addition to this auto creation of head snippet would be useful because this is very common pattern as well.

If you have any suggestions about making APIQ better, please let me know.