A lot of time passed by since the most recent APIQ CMS release. During this period, we were concentrated on launching APIQ Cloud, which is cloud subscription-based version.

Today I’ve released the new version of APIQ CMS and would like to highlight several new features.

As you may know, our philosophy behind APIQ is constantly optimizing this system for developers productivity and reducing time spent on developing business/corporate websites. With this release, you’ll notice some features aimed towards this philosophy.

Ctrl-S hotkey for saving anything

This one was asked by several developers and totally makes sense. Now when you edit Template, Page, Snippet or Asset, you could hit Ctrl-S and check how things look on the frontend. Instead of taking your mouse, scrolling to the bottom and clicking on “Update” button. Also, there’s a hint for this ability.

Saving by Ctrl-S

Update User/Change Password

This is the strange one, we didn’t have the ability to update password (or maybe even role) of existing users. So now we have this. Also, there’s one more hint introduced to clarify how Admin differs with Content Manager.

Editing Users

This is small UI improvement. Before this sometimes it wasn’t clear enough what section (especially when working with Models Entries) you’re currently in.

Sidebar active item

Other fixes and updates

  • Changed initializing template manager in before_initialize block
  • Updated carrierwave dependency
  • Snippet should not be templatable as well
  • Display errors on failed assets uploads
  • Upgraded Angular to 1.6

And finally, if you’d like to give APIQ Cloud a try, don’t hesitate to sign up here.