Last week APIQ CMS reached its 1.2.0 version. Also, the new version of APIQ Models was released as well.

These are lists of changes from CHANGELOGs:

APIQ Core (kms gem)

  • [added] added zh-CN locale files
  • [added] add Emmet support to CodeMirror editors - closes #30
  • [added] syntax highlight for Liquor
  • [fixed] fix icon for active sidebar item
  • [fixed] use current locale for CKEditor - closes #29
  • [fixed] strict pg gem version because 1.0.0 is not supported yet by Rails
  • [changed] much better validation errors displaying

APIQ Models (kms_models gem)

  • [added] add Date Field - closes #5
  • [added] add description to Models - closes #6
  • [added] add small UI element - model iteration hint
  • [changed] better error messages + hint for Label Field
  • [changed] use FontAwesome icons for identifying different field types
  • [fixed] use current locale for CKEditor - closes #17
  • [fixed] correct processing for CheckboxFields - closes #11

Let’s reveal some changes below.

APIQ in Chinese

Thanks to @yuxisteem, now APIQ has some Chinese translations (but APIQ Models hasn’t yet).

Chinese translations

Emmet Support for Templates, Pages and Snippets

As known, in APIQ you have full control over HTML, CSS, and JS. There’s often a need to write a new piece of HTML (for example, one that does some iterating over a Model collection) or change existing. Emmet toolkit is something that could help with this if used properly. At least, it’s good about quick HTML generation with CSS Abbreviations. Here you go: now you need to remember the only hotkey - Tab - and it will expand your CSS Abbreviation.

Emmet support

Liquor syntax highlighting

Previously, Liquor code was displayed as is: without any highlighting, just as black text. It could be identifiable among other HTML code, but that was not the best. Check out the difference:


Syntax highlighting


Syntax highlighting

Added Date Field + icons for Field Types

The Date field is something that was really needed for a long time. And finally, it’s there: you can add a date field to your model and you’ll set up dates for entries with datepicker component.

Also, small UI improvement has been done - adding icons for options of Field Types select (on New/Edit Model page).

Date Field and Field Icons

Model description and iteration hint

One more field was added to Model form - Description. You could write there some descriptive text about what is the purpose of this model or what type of content it represents - this text will appear on this Model’s Entries page/tab.

On the right side of the form you’ll see a small block of information about how you could iterate a collection of model elements with Liquor. Just a simple hint for a quick start.

Model description and iteration hint

Well, I hope you’ll find these features useful.

Let me know if you have questions about APIQ or one of its extensions!