According to the content marketing institute, 49.92% of the marketers from different organizations viewed content generation as an important business asset.

In order to improvise the process of content generation and website development, the website developing agencies like the advertising agencies or the branding agencies and others throughout the world have directed towards the better resort. The use of the content management software for the better result is the new trend and APIQ is one of the best softwares available.

It streamlines the production and development of the website allowing you to manage blogs and news content easily. You can deal with almost every type of dynamic content and ensure the progress of content marketing and online presence of the brand. Here are the five main benefits of creating blogs and other content with APIQ:

1. It recognizes the importance of SEO

Importance of SEO

SEO as all of you know is integral to your website’s long-term success because it will garner you the much-needed quality and consistent traffic. So, to move ahead on a site that refuses to incorporate SEO within its proceedings would be a folly. But you don’t have to worry about that because APIQ understands. With APIQ you have a special SEO support that allows you to come up with ‘meta tags’ which you can later specify for “title”, “description”, “keywords” and “h1” content. This helps you create content that will have a high chance of viewership and in turn, build you a wider and stronger viewer base.

2.Cost-effectiveness is ensured

In today’s statistics, according to DemandMetric, content marketing costs 62% less than the traditional marketing. It also helps in generating triple times as many leads. And now you have the chance to try your luck with APIQ CMS which lets you easily structure and create your content. The good news is that APIQ is completely free to start what essentially means you have nothing to lose while you experiment with APIQ. If you decide to continue with paid plans, your costs will be incredibly low and you will pay only for what you use - we use per website pricing model.

3. Tools for faster task completion

For most of developers newly starting out, you’re looking for a website development that has syntax highlighting because it’s more fun to work with. Not only that but SemanticScholar’s research has proven that Syntax Highlighting decreases the time to complete tasks. So, you’re basically saving time! But that’s not it! APIQ’s Emmet Support saves your time allowing you to write abbreviated versions of HTML code that you can later expand through the TAB key on your computer.

4. Easy management of the content through the browser

Easy content management

Using APIQ means you have an easy access to the content management feature. When a developer creates a backend for a website, it’s often a problem to make content structure and logic flexible enough without struggling with a CMS limitations. Well, APIQ makes it incredibly simple! You’ll have an Admin user role which you can use to edit Templates, Pages, and Snippets via HTML editor and you can also create a Content Manager user who can view Pages and their content with the rich text editor.

5. Easy Content Organization

The Dynamic Models feature of APIQ is incredibly cool. For any of you who is OCD about how their website appears, it is a must-have! You can create a Model with any number of fields you want for any sort of niche. So, for example, you want a model for ‘Sport Activities’, you simply could create an “Activity Name” text field, a “Team Activity” checkbox field, and maybe make up another field according to your wish. Once created, you’ll get “Sport Activities” section where you could create sport activities by filling up this Model fields. APIQ works hard to ensure that website developers find it convenient to use.

Hopefully, these five reasons will make sense for you and you’ll start using APIQ today!