APIQ can be easily extended so you can write your own specific code and expose it to APIQ. Extensions relies on Ruby on Rails Engines approach so they are just micro RoR apps utilizing APIQ core services. And what is really perfect there are a lot of useful extensions already written and supported by core team. The most useful is APIQ Models - this one allows you to define “models” on-the-fly (reserving a name for collection in Liquor, adding fields, creating model elements, iterating in your HTML).


APIQ Models

Allows to create custom content Models on-the-fly

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SEO support for APIQ: robots.txt, sitemap.xml, etc.

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APIQ Feedback

Extension for feedback/callback/contact forms

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APIQ Catalog

Products management: Categories, Products, Variants

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Extends APIQ Catalog by adding cart and orders feature

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