Pricing Plans

Pay per website per month


To test
things out

$0 / website / month
100MB Total Storage
1 User per website
100 Total Model entries
Email support
Sign Up No credit card required for sign up


Perfect for blogs
or small business websites

$19 / website / month
1GB Total Storage
3 Users per website
1000 Total Model entries
Email support
Sign Up No credit card required for sign up


Perfect for
large business websites

$39 / website / month
5GB Total Storage
15 Users per website
20000 Total Model entries
Email, Chat and Skype support
Sign Up No credit card required for sign up

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All plans include

  • Unlimited user accounts

    Any number of website backend accounts

  • Assets Cloud Storage

    Your assets are stored in cloud storage

  • Custom domains

    Use own domain once website is ready

  • New features delivered

    Free updates with new features and improvements

FAQ about pricing

Do I need credit card to sign up?

No, you don't need it. Sign up with email and password and start working on "Free" plan. Once you decide to move forward and "Free" is not enough for you, just switch to another plan on your Dashboard page.

What is Total Storage?

Total Storage is a total amount of storage used by all files uploaded by you for all websites. So every image, css, javascript or other file is counted.

What are Model and Model entries?

Model is a piece of your structured content. For example, you need a categorized catalog of products. You will probably create "Categories" and "Products" Models. Model entries are elements/objects of your Model, i.e. concrete category or product.

What is Total Model entries?

Total Model entries - total number of Models entries of your websites.

What are supported payment methods?

You could subscribe to paid plans either using Credit Card or PayPal. Subscription payments processing works via Paddle service (

How "per website" charging happens?

First time you sign up on APIQ, you are on the Free plan. And you can create as many websites as you want - only storage and entries resources tracked. Let's say you want to move to "Freelancer" plan: on Dashboard you'll find "Upgrade your plan" link going to the page where you could change your current Free plan to one of paid plans. There you will create a subscription (using credit card or Paypal). And if you already had 6 websites on Free plan, it will calculate total subscription cost as $114/month. If you add more websites during subscription or delete some, it will be recalculated again and new sum will be charged on next payment date.